System.Diagnostics.Contracts NamespaceSasa Documentation
Contract pre-conditions, post-conditions, invariants matching Microsoft's Code Contracts API.

Public classContract
Microsoft-compatible Contracts class.
Public classContractClassAttribute
Designated a class that contains the contracts for this type.
Public classContractClassForAttribute
Names the
Public classContractFailedEventArgs
The event arguments in case of contract failure.
Public classContractInvariantMethodAttribute
Marks a method as an object invariant. When IL rewriting is supported, this method will be called at the end of every public method and getter.
Public classContractOptionAttribute
Set contract options.
Public classContractPublicPropertyNameAttribute
Designates fields that can be used in method contracts.
Public classContractReferenceAssemblyAttribute
Designates a reference assembly that contains contracts.
Public classContractRuntimeIgnoredAttribute
Marks a member as having no runtime behaviour.
Public classContractVerificationAttribute
Indicates a type or assembly requires no verification and is to be assumed correct.
Public classPureAttribute
Marks a method as being "pure", with no side-effects.
Public classRuntimeContractsAttribute
This assembly-level attribute is added to an assembly after the rewriter has processed it.
Public classTriggerFailures
Some standard runtime failure methods to use.

Public delegateTriggerFailure
The action to trigger runtime failure.

Public enumerationContractFailureKind
An enumeration describing the possible contract failures.